Our Mission

We aim to turn a speech into a private message, a public event into a gathering
of friends, and red tape into open door.

Our hope is that willu gives you a better way to have direct and more
meaningful conversations with the people that matter to you.

A Photo of Ramana Kumar - CEO
Ramana Kumar


A Photo of Steven Castellano - Operations Director
Steven Castellano

Operations Director

A Photo of Zainab Amin - HR Business Partner
Zainab Amin

HR Business Partner

A Photo of Michael Dabrowski - Head of Marketing
Michael Dabrowski

Head of Marketing

A Photo of Brain Carter - Brand Manager
Brain Carter

Brand Manager

A Photo of Sarah Diamond - Content Strategist
Sarah Diamond

Content Strategist

Mia Logan
Mia Logan

Digital Advertising Specialist

A Photo of Roger Poulin - Engagement Manager
Roger Poulin

Engagement Manager

A Photo of Madelyn F - Experience Associate
Madelyn F

Experience Associate

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