Expand Your #UniquePerspective


More Traffic + More Attention = More Money. As a writer, that's a pretty simple equation.

But what's your plan to get more interested eyeballs on your content?

Growing your following involves:

  • Understanding trends and consistently producing fresh, targeted content. You're familiar with the concept of sending the right message, to the right people, at the right time. Double down on this.

  • Having a plan to expand your digital presence. When you reach your next goal, what other avenues might become available?

  • Building a relationship with your community and fans. You're no stranger to this, but consistent attention should be paid to any shifts.

  • Finding unique ways to reach your audience. Have you been meaning to give any new tools a try?

Let's help give your website hits and email subscribers a better sense of the real you.

willu is a hashtag messaging service that makes you stand out.

With a willu hashtag, you can:

  • Share your thoughts, ideas, recommendations directly to interested followers. Open up new, unique channels to connect with your current subscribers.

  • Interact to keep tabs on what your followers want to consume, in a way that Facebook and blog comments never could. Talk to many. Chat with a small group. Have multiple one-on-ones. Nurture relationships on your own terms.

  • Build by developing your personal brand with an offline channel that gets more relevant followers to pay attention.

And it's free to reserve your version of #TheFastFoodie or #BlogTheWorld.

#message with purpose to engage and evolve your following.

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