How it works

Broadcast live stream

Your fans need to know when you'll be on and which platform you'll use for streaming - send them a text to let them know what's up.

98%open rate for messages sent on SMS

Targeting segments
(clothing, beauty, etc.)

You're going to be talking about different things with different people; make sure your followers see the content they crave. Use hashtags to keep everyone organized.

#1channel for community outreach

Push sponsorship

Some people may not see your Instagram story, or Snapchat, about the awesome new product line you're working with, but a simple picture says 1,000 words.

100%spam free and ad free environment

Connect 1 on 1

Have a direct line to all of your followers to make stronger relationships. Turn followers into brand ambassadors that help work towards your success.

98%open rate for messages sent on SMS