Journalists: Break the News Straight to


What do your readers rely on you for? Hopefully that's an easy question.

Whatever it is, you can never be doing enough to get the latest into the hands of your audience.

That takes an ongoing commitment.

To produce effective journalism in the digital age, key targets include:

  • An intimate understanding of your audience, what they respond to, and how they behave.

  • Not commoditizing yourself. You should be focusing on what makes you and your coverage different.

  • Just pushing out content (and not engaging in an ongoing dialogue with your followers) is a sure fire way to burn out.

Let's hone in on what you and your followers care about, brand accordingly, and then double-down on creating a real connection.

willu is a hashtag messaging service that makes your connections better.

With a willu hashtag, you can:

  • Share output that emphasizes what matters most. Focus on your unique take and differentiate yourself from all the others.

  • Interact based on data. Understand what angles resonate best with your subscribers, and based on that, communicate more effectively.

  • Build your personal brand. Sustainably grow a loyal subscriber-base by focusing on the individuals that want to hear your take on things.

And it's free to reserve your version of #NewsNow or #BreakingByBen.

#message with purpose to captivate your readers.

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