Musicians: Get The Band (Marketing)


Do you play in a band? Are you a solo musician? If so, what's your strategy for getting people to show up at your gigs?

It's tough out there gaining and maintaining traction, even if it's just within your local scene. But with the right mindset and tools — it's definitely doable.

When it comes to marketing your music, here are some key reminders:

  • Make your presence accessible. There's a ton of music out there, so it's essential to cut through the mix.

  • Focus on developing a strong, engaged audience. You want to be talking to the right people who will support you in the short and long-term.

  • Establish open and ongoing communication channels with your fanbase. They like you and want to be kept in the loop, so don't forget about your commitment to them.

Let's help give your fans a reason to fuel your growth.

willu is a hashtag messaging service that makes your conversations better.

With a willu hashtag, you can:

  • Share important updates. Keep your fans in the loop about last-minute gigs or album releases. Staying top of mind is crucial when marketing your music.

  • Interact with your crowd. Ever had a show with an unexpectedly high turn out? Getting attention like this probably means you've worked hard at it. So don't let these new folks forget about you. Encourage this evolving fanbase to subscribe to your personal willu hashtag.

  • Build a reliable, highly interested, and responsive following by paying attention to what's happening in your music scene. Keep your fans involved on your journey to more success.

And it's free to reserve your version of #TheSeptemberTour or #TheBigBand.

#message with purpose to engage your fanbase.

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