How it works

Realtime Feedback

With instant reactions, you can learn
what your fans think of your updates or

High Open Rate

SMS guarantees a 98% open rate,
higher than email or social channels,
maximizing impact and influence.

Direct Line

Empower your teams and stakeholders
to engage personally with fans, leads
or customers.

2-way broadcast messaging
Direct messaging
Group messaging
Direct line for teams
SMS, MMS & WhatsApp support
Verified followers

Bring your brand
to life


Willu is a hashtag messaging app powered by text and picture messages. SMS boasts a 98% open rate, the highest of any form of communication, which means more people will see your content. Additionally, followers opt in, which means that you have dedicated members of your community. Speaking of community, create your own using hashtags to segment and nurture targets for your campaigns.
Willu makes it easy to contact small groups down to just one follower via texting and direct messaging. Build rapport and confidence in your brand, inspiring loyalty and commitment to your business.
Your imagination is the limit. Create communities with hashtags, send them broadcasts directly to their phones to maximize visibility on your content, get instant feedback anonymously to ensure honesty, and build loyalty with direct messages and 1-on-1 interactions.
Anyone can use Willu, from small business and influencers just getting their footing to large franchises and enterprises, Willu scales to your needs and empowers you to connect with you fans, followers, leads, and customers.
You won't be charged a penny until your free trial expires. We collect credit card information up front so you seamlessly transition from your free trial to using Willu moving forward, avoiding headaches, or confusion. You can cancel at any time within the app, or by contacting our support team.
The free trial is for seven (7) days from when you sign up with full functionality so you can test out all the features and discover the power of texting your followers and customers.
Hashtags empower you to organize your fans, leads, and customers into micro communities based on interests, products, and segments so you can deliver relevant & targeted content.
Simply put, anyone can use any hashtag on Instagram. When you use an Instagram hashtag, your content immediately gets buried depending on how many posts are associated with that hashtag and how many people use it. Your picture may be buried 100s of posts deep within a minute.
Willu is spam free and ad-free so your followers have confidence in you and your business and never feel objectified.
SMS, otherwise known as text messaging, is a part of everyday life. By building WIllu on SMS, your content goes directly to your followers' phones, netting you a 98% open rate - higher than any other platform. Texts also go through when there is no WiFi available, meaning your content has the highest possible visibility.
When you send a text, you can choose to include one of our feedback templates to gauge interest, hold voting contests, and gain insight into how your fans and followers feel about promotions, events, and business ideas. Simply send a text and let your community answer honestly and anonymously. Find out what they think and feel in real time.
In order to sign up, you need to use a web browser. You can sign up via your phone's web browser. Simply open your web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and go to to begin.
Fear not! You can request that we send the code again. If that doesn't work, just reach out to us at and we'll get the issue sorted for you.
Phone charging? You can enjoy all of the same functionality on the web as you would in the app. Simply log in to to create hashtags, invite new followers, send broadcasts, and more.
By opting in, your followers are committing to your brand and investing in the content, updates, promotions, and information you produce. No more posting to the void, with dedicated communities powered by hashtags, you deliver what your followers want.
Willu makes it easy to get new followers. Simply go to your desired hashtag, choose to share your it via SMS to your followers, or select share from the hashtag menu and we'll generate a unique image for your to post on social media.
Your audience won't be charged a cent for reacting to broadcasts and sending messages. Interacting with your hashtag is completely free for them. Some wireless carriers charge additional per-message transaction fees. These fees vary depending on the carrier.
We believe in the power of fostering relationships, which is why you can send broadcast messages to all of your followers at once or send direct messages to specific followers. You have total control over how you interact with your audience and in what capacity.
We'd hate to see you go, but if you feel that Willu isn't right for you at the present time, simply call or message our support team and they will assist.