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is an engagement platform built on hashtags. Reserve a hashtag unique to you, your business or organization and start messaging your followers.Through SMS or app, lets you reach, notify and interact —all in real time. With hashtags, you own the audience and can drive significant growth in engagement.
Hashtags are a proven way to drive engagement and discovery. They serve to easily identify common interests and aggregate shared conversation. Using hashtags helps you tap into an already engaged audience to drive more meaningful relationships.
You might be familiar with hashtags from social media, especially on Twitter and Instagram, so you know they are readily adopted. The problem with hashtags on those platforms is that several thousand people are using the same one. differs because you own the hashtag, which gives you greater ownership over your following.
Send us the hashtag you want to reserve, along with your contact information. We will email you once your hashtag has been approved. Next you share the hashtag and the short code with your audience across email, social and other channels. Your audience texts the hashtag to the short code, opts in, and then you interact with them via SMS or directly in the app. Learn more at https://willu.com/tour
SMS has a 98% open rate. More people seeing your updates means more people likely to engage with your content.
Anyone can benefit from , including businesses, organizations and individuals. From sales professionals to influencers, and from luxury brands to local schools. Using unique hashtags is a way to cut through all the noise and connect with your followers directly.
Sure! Take a look at our "Use Cases", which shows how hashtags can be applied to a variety of different scenarios.
Hashtags cost 99¢, with each SMS message sent/received costing 1¢. It's free to send updates and messages directly in the app. Think of your hashtag as your own personal web domain—it provides you with the chance to build your brand and harness real, lasting relationships with followers.
Good question. You can use all the free hashtags you want on social media, but so can everyone else. There could easily be 100,000 people using the same hashtag, which creates plenty of noise. For 99¢, you get a hashtag that is yours and yours only, and you have a 98% chance of your message being seen.

It's super easy to get started. All you need to do is reserve a hashtag through our website (at the bottom of this page and every page) or through our app (available for download in the App Store and Google Play). Our team will notify you once your hashtag has been approved. After verification, you add your payment information. All that's left to do is share your hashtag and the short code via your website, business cards, email, social media - however you want to let people know about it. Then, abracadabra, you're ready to,

start engaging with your following

We need to check that you're an actual person (there are loads of bots roaming around the net), and we also need to make sure that your hashtag has not already been reserved by another party, and lastly, that it will be used in a way that preserves its purpose and creates value—both for you and your audience.

It's all super straightforward and won't take long at all. Our support team reviews the hashtags in the order they come in. They make sure that you or your brand are who they say they are and not a robot.

We also check that your hashtag is unique enough so that your audience can easily find you. The whole process should take no more than a few days.

Fear not! You can request that we send the code again. If that doesn't work, just reach out to us at help@willu.com and we'll get the issue sorted for you.

Once your unique hashtag has been verified, it's time to add your credit card information so that you can send SMS messages to your following. Hashtags cost 99¢, with each SMS message sent/received costing 1¢. It's free to send updates and messages directly in the app.

Now you can explore the app and start promoting your hashtag. Use social media, email and any platform you want to let people know they can text your hashtag to the short code to receive exclusive offers, sneak peaks, or a direct way to ask questions. publicize.

You can have as many hashtags as you like. Perhaps you want one for your brand, one for each of your products, and a personal one. There is no limit on the number of hashtags that you can acquire.

And if you no longer need a specific hashtag, simply mark it as inactive. You won't be billed for it anymore and we'll release it to someone else.

We believe in the power of fostering relationships, which is why you can send broadcast messages to all of your followers at once or send direct messages to specific followers.

You have total control over how you interact with your audience and in what capacity.

That's the beauty of using for your hashtag engagement—we never share phone numbers ( with your followers). As a hashtag owner you can see the follower list with names and mobile number, but not your followers. This makes every interaction that much more personal.
Your audience won't be charged a cent for reacting to broadcasts and sending messages. Interacting with your hashtag is completely free for them. Some wireless carriers charge additional per-message transaction fees. These fees vary depending on the carrier.
We don't delete accounts, but you can make it inactive, which means you won't be charged or be shown to other people using . It also means that you can come back with ease if you want to use the service again.

Get in touch with us via email at help@willu.com, contact us in the app, or say hello via social media: