Realtors: Corner the Market with a

Real Estate

It's a crowded marketplace out there for most real estate professionals.

Differentiating yourself takes some time — and sure isn't easy — but it is essential if you want to have a shot at a sustainable career selling property.

So, what does it take to improve your branding as a realtor?

  • Narrowing your specialities and honing in on your distinctive marketing message. Do you have expert knowledge of a particular area or style of home? Or maybe you have a unique interest that coincides with real estate. Take some time to understand what resonates, and then go all in.

  • Expanding your digital presence and personal brand beyond just Facebook and Twitter. Where are your users? What's important to them?

  • Transitioning from thinking real estate “sales” to “consultancy”. One is pushy and merciless. The other guides and delights.

  • Promoting your uniqueness by doing whatever it takes to go the extra mile for new prospects and long-term clients.

Let's help you impress prospective homebuyers by showcasing your commitment and expertise.

willu is a hashtag messaging service that makes your conversations better.

With a willu hashtag, you can:

  • Share updates about the newest listings, negotiations, or last minute sales. No more sending 50 identical emails about the same open house. Use willu to privately message all of them at once, and handle any responses through DMs. Or break them into groups. Do whatever makes sense for your business.

  • Interact better with new clients. Provide guidance by taking them under your wing and giving them the resources they need to feel comfortable making a purchase with you. For example, send them new neighborhoods ideas. Or simply send an update that you're busy working hard on their behalf.

  • Build your real estate business so that a steady stream of new clients are consistently coming to you. Grow your influence and be the one they come to for expert insight and a unique buying experience.

And it's free to reserve your version of #SouthSideHomes or #RealtyByMark.

#message with purpose to improve your presence as a realtor.

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